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Emergency Simulator Overview

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Lecture Series

Our promotional workshop lecture series is broken down into 6 video modules you can view at home on your timeline with over 275 simulations to watch and learn from.

** Opening lecture**

  1. Leaderless group/ Visual Resume/ In-Basket exercises
  2. Human Capital
  3. Fire service Presentations
  4. Subordinate coaching/counseling-interpersonal skills
  5. Oral/Promotional interview / Written assignment.
  6. Emergency simulator/scene management/tracking application.

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Real life leadership skills applicable to the Job


This module provides invaluable perspective into real-life leadership. 

Our combined 62 years of professional experience and 25 years of career development and coaching has demonstrated that it takes significant in-depth education and expereince, to manage people, emergency incidents, and stakeholders when serving in leadership positions such as Lieutenant, Captain or Battalion Chief. 

A well-respected leader must demonstrate honesty and integrity, inspire others, be great communicators, admit fault, be creative, innovative, courageous, and at times, make unpopular decisions for the betterment of organization.

Subordinate Coaching/Counseling

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The repeated use of roll-play simulations a method used to refine interpersonal skills has proven to be a great training tool. My 20+ years of assessing hundreds upon hundreds of real life and simulated conflicts have shown me that there are common pitfalls that re-surface in candidate’s actions. These pitfalls become obvious when testing and even worse they can diminish your ability to find functionality, harmony and diminish your effectiveness at the station or when managing your Battalion. 

Mentoring is a skill that needs to be understood and often takes place outside of the officer-subordinate relationship.

Oral Interview Panel How prepared are you?


Perhaps for the first time in your career, it’s not about you! It's all about the people you'll be tasked to inspire, lead and respond with.

What does the organization need? How skilled are you in communicating the knowledge, skills and experience that will make you a great officer? Your promotional interview will be very different than your entry level interview! Preparation requires a significant amount of soul-searching, complete honesty and mentoring from those that understand the global requirements of today's fire officers. 

Unfortunately, most candidates don't provide enough depth in their answers. You will have limited time to make an impact and you must clearly understand all the job specifications in order to be fully prepared.  Assessors are tasked with judging  your every word and non-verbal communication cues.

FFL has developed thousands of leaders through our interactive modules that will help you succeed in your career goals.

Emergency Simulator


Being prepared to manage an emergency scene is critical at so many levels!

Other programs offer a check box approach and promise insight to what proctors are looking for. FFL is not a check box program! At FFL, we believe in sharing our systematic approach to incident management.

We focus on developing your JUSTIFICATION model. This model defines your justification in identifying the critical incident priorities  needed to manage any emergency incident. We provide the you tools needed (in great depths and in great detail) to understand, define and explain your justification model.  You will become proficient at establishing the incident priorities, strategic objectives and tactical guidelines/directives.

We review multiple incidents including; residential homes, residential over commercial, apartments, commercials, strip malls, mid-rises, vehicle accidents, wildland and others. We discuss and outline how to handle a simple vs complex MCI as well as RIC deployments and customize our approach for large or smaller-rural organizations.

We provide over 275 sample simulations where candidates can first watch, listen and learn as our instructors demonstrate on-scene reporting, directives and incident algorithms to systematically manage any incident, clearly safely and utilizing the ICS 500 model. Next, we provide the same simulations for you to complete by yourself. Our realistic simulations include “timed updates” that will challenge you while preparing you for the real-life incidents you will face.

FFL has used this proven approach with over 3,000 candidates and it works. Our systematic approach not only helps candidates score well in their testing assessment, but more importantly, it embeds the real life skills needed as Incident commander.


In-Basket Exercise


Due to the increase in work responsibilities, more and more Fire Departments are revisiting the In-Basket exercise. This exercise is used to measure candidates preparation and effectiveness in managing daily assignments, staffing, memos and reports.

In-box exercise dimensions focus on evaluating candidate's time management skills and their ability to prioritize/triage issues which are  part of a fire officer's daily routine.  A typical exercise would include multiple memos, emails, appointments, phone calls etc. which require action(s) by the candidate.

FFL uses great detail in sharing our systematic approach to managing all that goes into this typical exercise. We discuss tips and techniques that can be implemented to improve candidates productivity.



Your ability to present yourself and communicate is critical when participating in an assessment testing exercise. The assessment center exercise may include an oral interview panel, teaching assignment, simulator or role play. Each exercise requires the candidate to be able to present their opinion and/or perspective in a clear and concise manner. Albert Mehrabian, a University of California Los Angeles (UCLA )communication professor, developed a widely recognized communication model. The Mehrabian model suggests that communication is only 7% of what you say (the spoken words), 38% on vocal elements, such as tone, intonation and volume and 55% body language (posture, facial expressions and gestures).

We provide strategies on how to prepare an outline, develop talking points and finally practice presenting materials in a succinct fashion while addressing all the pertinent issues.

We incorporate the use of group breakouts and practice different techniques to prepare the candidate for the reality of the position AND  typical testing environments.

Human Capital


Knowing how to deal with all different personalities is an essential  element in making the transition to Lieutenant, Captain or Battalion Chief. Managing those that think and react like you is easy, it's the folks that aren't like you which will pose the biggest challenge. 

You will encounter firefighters who are burned out, discouraged about their performance on a promotional opportunity or are going through a rough patch with their personnel life. 

The key to success is  recognizing the core issue(s) and  having the courage to deal with issues head-on, with love, compassion and empathy.  Great leaders are skilled in crafting  a strategic approach to help others, are able to build trust  and can easily  identify the "care & feeding" of those they work with. 

Everyone is  different and a one stop approach doesn't always work to inspire and win people over. At FFL, we discuss in great detail how to manage and build a culture that allows you to discuss and craft conversations to get folks back on track. We've all made mistakes in our lives and it's those that have lifted us up, refocused us and made us stronger that we owe a debt of gratitude to. 

Leaderless Group Exercise


Most if not all organizations have drifted  away from conducting a formal leaderless group exercise. The truth is, as a career firefighter, you're involved with leaderless group realities everyday at work. Be it at the kitchen table, morning line-up, on the drill yard or during a union meeting or general conversations. Understanding the "players" at your station, battalion, or training division is critical to managing people. 

 FFL provides training on how  to 'read" different people and identify personality types. We discuss ways to read  body language, tone, eye contact and observation to name a few.  These skills can be critical in identifying what individuals need to stay engaged, inspired and contribute to the success of your crew, culture or organization. 

 We believe that the best leaders are engaging, great listeners, caring, compassionate people that support others in being successful. Great leaders have empathy and courage to appropriately champion conversations to help subordinates  stay on track, empower them and contribute to their career growth,. 

Our "leaderless group" module will help you learn how and when to interject your comments, support and ideas in a group setting and will help you succeed in your new role. 


Membership Pricing


$579 includes (money back guarantee on Platinum plan only)
All Access
2-Hours of personalized Live web-based/or in person coaching (game changer) $300 value included 
All 6 lecture modules which includes:
-Visual Resume
-In-Basket strategies
-Leaderless group approach
-Understanding Human Capital
-Managing your Presentation
-Subordinate Coaching & Counseling
-Oral Interview
-Written exercise
-Emergency Simulator/ Incident Management
-Access to all sample & blank simulations (over 275 combined)
-Access to sample presentation videos with 25 topics to prep & present
-Access to sample subordinate coaching and counseling videos with 25 topics to prep and craft a counseling session.

membership lasts for 90 days

Plan #2 GOLD

$479 includes
- All 6 lecture modules which includes:
-Visual Resume
-In-Basket strategies
-Leaderless group approach
-Understanding Human Capital
-Managing your Presentation
-Subordinate Coaching & Counseling
-Oral Interview
-Written exercise
-Emergency Simulator/ Incident Management
-Access to all sample & blank simulations(over 300)
-Access to sample presentation videos with 25 topics to prep & present
-Access to sample subordinate coaching and counseling videos with 25 topics to prep and craft a counseling session.
(No Individual Coaching)

membership lasts for 90 days

Plan # 3 Simulations Only

Emergency Simulator module with access to over 140 sample & 140 blank simulations. Simulations include residential, apartments, strip malls, tax payers, commercial, urban interface as well as MCI events.

membership lasts for 90 days

Plan #4 COUNSELING Module

Subordinate coaching and counseling module.
Access sample videos of candidates conducting counseling/coaching sessions.
Library of subordinate counseling topics.

membership lasts for 90 days


Presentation module.
Access sample videos of candidates making presentations.
Library of presentation topics

membership lasts for 90 days


-Visual Resume
-In-Basket strategies
-Leaderless Group dimensions
-Understanding Human Capital

membership lasts for 90 days


Individual coaching
$150 per hour (minimum 2-hours)

membership lasts for 90 days


You create our own opportunity. Success starts with a mindset and mentality. Regardless of what's going on, you control your attitude. Never stop setting goals. Make an impact on someone's life every day. Be a driving force, set the standard for co-workers and crews to follow, the current generation craves it. Leadership isn't easy, it has no rank requirement. Some of the strongest influences in our careers are those senior firefighters who understand the significance of our chosen profession and culture and have gained wisdom and experience throughout the years.