Manage Real-Life Emergency Situations through realistic simulations

At Future Fire Leaders, our realistic simulations help candidates develop, exercise and test their incident management skills during emergencies. Our simulations help you develop and hone your on-scene report, manage resource tracking, tactical guidelines, (aka directives) trigger points and transfer of command.   You can play (and replay) our videos and watch, listen and learn from current incident commanders as they manage a variety of emergency incidents. Our extensive video library of all-risk emergency simulations will help you develop muscle memory and experience that will prepare you for the job and the testing process. 

Watch and Learn

Watch, listen and learn from Incident commanders as they demonstrate our system of directives and tracking techniques.

Practice and Demonstrate

Now that you have understood the dynamics of the simulation, try one for yourself. Choose from the situations below:

Focused on Your Preparedness

Our team at Future Fire Leaders believes that being prepared to manage an emergency scene is important. Let us provide you with a program that will go to great depths and detail. The program that we offer can help you understand your justification models when defining your incident priorities, strategic objectives, and tactical guidelines or directives.Try out our simulation that covers incidences including emergencies on residential homes, residential over commercial properties, apartments, commercials, strip malls, mid-rises. Aside from that, you will also get the chance to exercise your ability to manage emergencies such as vehicle accidents, wildland incidents, and hazardous material situations.