$499.00 for 3 months


(money-back guarantee on the Platinum plan only)
Platinum $579 includes
All Access
2-Hours of personalized Live web-based/or in-person Coaching (game changer)
All 6 lecture modules which include:
-Visual Resume
-In-Basket strategies
-Leaderless group approach
-Understanding Human Capital
-Managing your Presentation
-Subordinate Coaching & Counseling
-Oral Interview
-Written exercise
-Emergency Simulator/ Incident Management
-Access to all sample & blank simulations (over 300 combined)
-Access to sample Presentation videos with 25 topics to prep & present
-Access to sample Subordinate coaching and counseling videos with 25 topics to prep and craft a counseling session.
membership lasts for 90 days and does not auto renew


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