There are no shortcuts, only hard work.

Theres No More Profitable Investment Than Investing In Yourself


I Know How Important This Is To You and Your Family

Well, you’ve decided to put yourself out there and test for the officer position.  It’s time to invest in yourself and Futurefireleaders is here to help. 

When looking at any career path most, if not all, choose to seek mentorship, coaching or formal instruction to enhance their ability to compete.

The fire service, your department and the citizens we service demand  that you are very best you can be when it comes being a leader in the fire service.

Futurefireleaders' program is proven and has stood the test of time. We’ve assisted thousands of professionals just like you. We build leaders not test takers.  We have a proven program to help you succeed in your new job by implementing our systematic approach to incident management, subordinate coaching and counseling, in-basket exercise and understanding and mastering the oral interview process to name a few. Fortunately, these same job skills translate into the testing process.

It's a big decision choosing to take the promotional exam, chose a programs that provides pinpoint, honest feedback to benefit you and your career beyond the testing environment. 

INVEST IN YOURSELF TODAY! Every dollar you spend today will comeback tenfold in your new rank.   Take that first step towards shaping your future and GET PROMOTED!

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Current Salary10% RaiseOnce PromotedReturn OnWeeks To Payoff New Salary Investment
$90,000$9,000$99,0001102%4 1/2
$110,000$11,000$120,0001312%3 1/2

Having gone through the promotional process ourselves, we have faced one or more of these challenges:

  • Fear of public speaking
  • Nervousness prior to interview
  • Fear of failing
  • Uncertainty on how to prepare for the testing process
  • Anxiety from feeling unprepared
  • Scared of time commitment required

Join Futurefireleaders and Get Promoted!


Let Futurefireleaders  prepare you for your assessment center. Expand your understanding and justification model when testing in any environment. FFL gets you ready for the actual job so you can hit the ground running.


3000 firefighters have completed our program, Battalion Chief Joe Novelli,  Fire Chief Mike Keefe (ret) and our outstanding staff of fire professionals have mentored and developed leaders since 1993.


Our platinum package provides a money back guarantee if after competing our (6) modules and our 2-hour one-on-one coaching session with our staff you are not better prepared then ever before.  We are that committed!