FutureFireLeaders played a major role in my development as a Company Officer. This is a complete program that will push you beyond your comfort zone. I was challenged both tactically and administratively. Simply put…… You will become comfortable at everything that you are uncomfortable with, and then some. This course will prepare you to be a confident and capable company Officer both on the fire ground and in the station. You will cover tactics, personnel management, FBOR, crew counseling, interview skills and much more. All these KSA’s played a major role in my testing process.

I know I will be seeking FFL's guidance for the next phase of my career development.

Fire Captain Tony Eggimann Menlo Fire

FFL runs a good work shop. The reps and honest evaluations were helful in my promotion to Fire Captain. I continue to recommend to anyone who is gearing up for a test to put this on their list of classes to take.

Fire Captain Jason Welsh Vallejo Fire

While preparing for a recent Battalion Chief promotional exam in my organization , I felt good in the early phases of the preparation process--after meeting with Future Fire Leaders on several occasions, I felt well prepared prior to the test day. I came out number one! Thanks Chief!

Demond Simmons Oakland Fire

On my first Battalion Chief's promotional exam, I tested without tutoring or coaching. Needless to say, I did not do very well. For my most recent promotional assessment center, I had the pleasure of having FFL share their systematic and practical approach to all aspects of the assessment center, which boosted my confidence and understanding and helped me achieve a great outcome. FFL's real world knowledge of the fireground tactics and strategies assisted me with not only doing well on the exam, but helped me improve my skills as a company officer. I consider the staff at FFL a mentor and would HIGHLY recommend anyone who is looking to promote seek their assistance via one on one coaching or in taking their workshops.

Farrell Smith Woodside Fire Protection District

FFL , I'm happy to announce that I will be promoted to Lieutenant on June 17th. Your workshop was invaluable to my success and I believe it provided me with the tools and confidence to get through the process. Thanks again, I highly recommend your workshop to those wanting to promote. Rudy

Rudy Ramirez-Sunnyvale DPS

I worked with FFL to prepare for a Captain's promotional test that my department offered in March of 2016. I know that I wouldn't have been as prepared and ultimately wouldn't have performed as well as I did had it not been for the 5 or 6 sessions that I spent with FFL.

The format and repetitions that we worked on for the fire simulation were helpful, but by far what I benefitted most from, was his work with interview questions and personnel matters. FFL would present questions that would result in content filled conversations that addressed the themes that I confronted on test day and on the job. They paid attention to my answers, got to know my strength's and helped me formulate ideas that drew from my personal skill set and values. This helped me to approach the entire test from a place that was authentically my own and not just from the perceived idea of what the proctors want to hear.

If I had to do it over, I would absolutely include working with FFL as part of my test preparation.

Christopher Cottle Fire Captain-Redwood City Fire

Having the right tools for the job does not guarantee success. It is the ability to utilize these tools effectively and consistently that make someone successful. I knew I possessed the drive, skills, and abilities, but FFL gave me a way to organize, synthesize, and utilize these skills to be more successful in the assessment center, but more importantly in the seat. FFL's straightforward approach to coherently and systematically approach and manage an incident put me in the top scores of the Simulator on test day. Our sessions spent preparing for the oral interview made me comfortable as I sat down across the table from the Chief's because I had a strong conception and understanding of why I was there before them. All in all, I know my success was in large part due to the help with the organization and approach that Chief Novelli and his Futurefireleaders-911Promotional workshop provided.

Captain Mike Stahl-Menlo Park Fire Protection District

 Futurefireleaders (911 Promotional) workshop has been an invaluable asset in preparing me for the department's testing process. In the two days we covered a varitey of testing styles, where candidates fall short and the techniques to succeed and come out on top. The strategies that FFL's training offers for the different testing scenarios are easy to follow and extremely helpful. The workshop is a good blend of lecture, discussions, group activities, one-on-one scenarios and constructive feed back. I would highly recommend the workshop for anyone looking to become a better candidate in their department's promotional examination.

A. Santiago San Mateo City

 I was a two time promotional test taker, failing my first attempt at the Lieutenants exam was an eye opening moment. I knew I had to make changes in order to succeed. When the test came around again, i was told by a close friend the success he had working with Chief Novelli and Futurefireleaders.  I made the call to Chief Novelli and it was th best decision I made. Chief Novelli and FFL was the best investment I could have possibly made. The one on one tutoring you get alone with the feedback you get from a teacher who knows  what the assessors are looking for is invaluable. I recommend Chief Novelli and FFL  to everyone I know and I plan on using them again when my next opportunity for promotion comes around. 

Lieutenant William D.   Oakland Fire Department

 I contacted Chief Novelli/ FFL earlier in the year when i needed some additional guidance in preparing for the Fire Captain Assessment Center.  I had been preparing and practicing with co-workers which provided me with an excellent foundation and insight to get started, but I didn't quite fully understand the entire assessment center process. After contacting and meeting with Chief Novelli, I knew immediately that he could provide the experience, background, knowledge and expertise that I was seeking. Chief Novelli provided honest and critical feedback during our scenario sessions and challenged to look within myself in order to demonstrate professional, experienced, unique responses and solutions during my assessment center. I highly recommend Chief Novelli/FFL if your are planning on promoting.

Jeff D. San Jose Fire Department

The coaching I received from Chief Novelli and FFL was great! He help me understand and breeze through the fire scenario exercise. Chief Novelli's coaching, also works in real world situations. Now when I sit in the "right seat" I have a method to handle the madness.

Craig B. San Jose Fire Department

Chief Novelli with Futurefireleaders one on one coaching prepared and provided me with all the necessary skills required to successfully pass the assessment center. Chief Novelli is knowledgeable, honest, motivating and truly cares about the success of his students. In 2015, I was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant after completing Joe's assessment center workshop. This work shop is now on line from what I understand!  Recently, I once again trained with Chief Novelli and FFL for an upcoming promotional exam and placed 2nd out of sixteen candidates on the Captain's list. As I advance in my career, I will definitely reach out to Chief Novelli and FFL and attend more one on one coaching sessions.  I would HIGHLY recommend this course to anyone that aspires to advance in their career and become a Company Officer. 

Captain Lionel J.

Oakland Fire Department